Friday, September 26, 2008


A flatmate spends most of his free hours watching soap operas and DVD movies while lying on his bed. It’s kind of automatic to him. The minute he enters his room, the first thing he does is to switch on his television. This is a ridiculous physical inactivity. He spends his free time lazily. Oh, brother you are in big, big trouble. You are young and killing yourself!

Just leave me alone! Ok, you wretched couch potato. Believe me, man, your physical inactivity will give you loads and loads of health problems.

Whether we like it or not, couch potatoes put on dangerous pockets of fat much faster than was previously thought. The type of fat that are hidden among our internal organs, armed and ready to help us develop diabetes and/or heart disease. Couch potatoes who get no exercise at all could store a considerable increase in visceral fat over a short period of time.

Does exercise help reduce visceral fat? People who exercise reversed and even improved the effects of this fat. We can start at low and work up to a level that is comfortable for us. Early morning short limbering up exercises help. Up and down the stairs at a brisk, constant pace is a convenient way to exercise, too.


bingkee said...

My hubby is a couch potato while I'm a mouse potato....always holding on to my mouse and always online.

Monching said...

Did you enjoy your holidays? I did, bitin nga! I didn't get to open your webpage kasi nga wala kami.

What is couch potato? Potato na pinapapak sa upuan, hmmmppp!

Monching said...

I am still here in the office waiting for my friend.

My tummy is getting big 'coz I don't exercise. After tsitsa, teevee viewing agad. Am I a couch potato?

Bay Martin said...

@ Bingkee,

Encourage your hubby to start working out. He will either be the couch or the potato later ha ha ha!!!

Many thanks for the visit. I appreciate it very much!

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching,

We had 12 days Ramadan break, pero kulang pa rin. My flat is still in clutter ugghhhh!

Couch potato? Does your couch have a permanent impirint of your bottom (wetpaks)?

It's actually a slang for a person spending most of his or her free time sitting or lying on a couch. This stereotype often refers to a lazy and overweight person who watches a lot of television. Generally speaking, the term refers to a lifestyle in which children or adults don't get enough physical activity.

Mon said...

I got it, thanks! I have to exercise to maintain my 26" waistline ngekkk!!

Bay Martin said...

Twenty-six??? Are you kidding? You look like a drum ha ha ha!!!

Mon said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!