Sunday, February 7, 2010


ere's to my work colleague
who speaks so fast like a parrot
you can hardly understand
a word he says, ja ja ja!!!

Has anyone ever told you to enunciate better? If they have, they were referring to your articulation. If you tend to slur words and thoughts together, you may be viewed as having vague ideas or an uninterested or intolerant attitude to the one you are conversing with.

So that others realize you care about your thoughts and opinions, and that you have a clear mind, practice speaking more clearly. If you don't know how to say a word accurately, look it up in the dictionary, and discover how to pronounce it properly. Usually clear speech gets much more attention because others view you as being more serious and able to put together clear thoughts.


Angelo said...

Sa English subject po namin laging sinasabi ng titser, articulate.. articulate...

Dar said...

Who is he

Anonymous said...

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