Monday, January 25, 2010


Made in China

... up and down you go, man!

... no... no... just before you get lost
file a missing person report at the police station!

... how dare you insult me, Screwdriver!

... der Gesang wird verboten!

... and fall down slowly!!!

... and keep the used tissue for memory's sake!

,.. preggy at 70?


... nothing big... just a little bump on the head!!!

... ja ja ja!!!

... and thank you for going!!!

... my pleasure to meet you, Mr. Products!

... and run for your life!!!

... better break the glass!!!

... they bite!!!

... sports and small people
with hairy feet section!!!

... you are welcome!!!


オテモヤン said...


Ka Igme said...

Parang ang mga signs na nakikita natin dito! Kakatuwa!

JBUDD NEWS said...

haha. nakakatawa

Joe said...

Buti na lang nakapasyal, muntik kong mamiss 'to ha! Kuhanan mo rin ang mga signs dito na gawa ng mga itik-itik!!!

Mon said...

Pa-comment bago umuwi!

Nakita mo ang signs 'dyan sa kainan ng broasted chicken, "sandwit?" Walang bumibili kasi di nila alam kung ano ang sandwit ha ha ha!!! How the "wach repair shap?"

Carlo said...

Sa Dammam din po ang daming signs na mali-mali: "alaminum for sale" at "clarence sale!"

Roque said...

Kakatuwa Bro!

Kay said...

Dito rin po T2 Bay maraming mali-maling signs.

Nathan said...

We have many funny signs here, too!

Angelo said...

How about the "barbar" shop sign, Tito, nakita mo na?

Darrel said...

One cannot help laugh at these signs. How about the signs we see in Dammam and Al-Khobar?

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